Series - Letter L

l no kisetsu la blue girl la corda doro la pucelle la seine no hoshi labyrinth of flames ladies versus butlers lagoon engine lalabel the magical girl lamento landstalker langrisser lapis relights laputa castle in the sky last bronx last exile last inning last origin last period le chevalier deon le ciel bleu league of legends legend of lemnear legend of lyon flare legend of queen opala legend of the galactic heroes legend quest legendz lemmings lemon angel leon the professional les miserables les miserables shoujo cosette letter bee level justice liaison liar game library of ruina licca vignette lightning warrior raidy lilim kiss lilly the witch | hexe lilli lilo and stitch limbus company lineage ii little busters little lord fauntleroy little master little memole | tongari boushi no memoru little monica monogatari little my maid little noah | battle champs little red riding hood little witch academia little witch nobeta little witch parfait live a hero live a live live on cardliver kakeru living game livly island lobotomy corporation lodoss-tou senki | record of lodoss war log horizon lolita syndrome lollipop chainsaw long riders looney tunes lord el-melloi ii sei no jikenbo lord of lords ryu knight | haou taikei ryuu knight lord of vermilion lord of walkure lost ark lost planet lost saga lost universe lostorage incited wixoss lotte no omocha love cube love heaven love hina love lab love live love live hasunosora jogakuin school idol club love live nijigasaki high school idol club love live sunshine love live superstar love plus love-yan loveless lovely x cation lover lovers koi ni ochitara... lucky dog 1 lucky star lucu lucu lucy of the southern rainbow luminous arc lunar eternal blue lunar silver star story lunch box lupin iii lux-pain lv1 maou to one room yuusha | level 1 demon lord and one room hero lycoris recoil